the recording set

tama exotix III limited edition 2003, 8 bubinga inner plies, 1 african quilted sapele outer ply in midnight storm finish
bass drum: 22″x18″, toms: 8″x7″, 10″x8″, 12″x9″, 14″x11″, 16″x13″, snare: 14″x6″

the live set

tama starclassic performer birch/bubinga hyperdrive, 3 bubinga inner plies, 4 birch outer plies in dark stardust fade finish
bass drum: 22″x20″ and 20″x16″, toms: 10″x6,5″, 12″x7″ floor toms: 14″x12″, 16″x14″, snare: 13″x6″

the jazz set

early 80’s gretsch jazz set

the open-air set

70’s vintage ludwig vistalite set

the cymbals

assorted sabian and instanbul cymbals

the electronics

roland spd-s and spd-20 pad
focusrite and motu firewire interfaces
apple mac book pro with logic and ableton live